The System Matching Style…

Donation Matching time: 1-14 days

Get Help Matching time: 24 hr
Re-matching after Expiry: 24 hr (If time expires, wait for 24 hr before being re-matched…)

How Matching is done for Donation:

  1. Full Matching: This is when you are matched completely to pay one or more persons at a time.
  2. Partial Matching: this is a new and improved style of matching which ensures that there is less rejection. Participants are matched to pay only a fraction of the amount they intend to donate. If they pay within the given time, the system classifies them as serious participants and they will be matched faster to complete payments or Get Help.

How matching is done for Get Help:

  1. Good participants are are matched within 1 hr of Get Help Request.. Others are matched within 6 hrs of Get Help Request. Good Supervisors are matched within 5 mins of Get Help Request. Bad supervisors are matched within 24hrs.

Who is a Good participant? : A good participant has many attributes. He has donated and paid at least once, does not delay in donating, has his email verified, has invited friends to register under him, made at least one video, writes good letters of joy and speaks good of NNN.

Why am I not being matched to Get Help Fast..

Once you Get Help, you will be matched, if your account has issues eg. your email is not verified you will not be able to get help until you verify email. If you are always involved in “Donate, delete, donate, delete again (the system sees you are playing around)”, and the system might take time to match participants that play around because maybe they might want to delete it again anyway.

How matching is done for Provide Help:

Donors are usually matched within 3 – 14 days after donating. But this is not usually the case, a donor might be matched within hours of donating and its based on machine learning… You can be matched after 14 days or even after 20 days(in this situation, it means the system is very healthy).

Donors from the same location are usually matched to pay to receiver from another location. Based on machine learning, the system will always match couples to pay to the same Receiver.

How matching is done for GH:

When you GH, you can be matched within seconds, but this is not usually so, depending on how the system dynamics is going, you can be matched in a week or even after one month, yea, or rather after one year; in this case the Worst case Scenario may have taken place.

Sometimes if you donate 100k you might be matched for 20k only. Yes, 80k still left to be matched, kindly complete your payment for the 20k and wait for the system to match you again for the remainder amount. Same applies to Get Help Request. It is not human being matching your Donations, It is computer AI doing the matching based on machine learning, so strive to be a good participant to enjoy the system.. long live NNN!!

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