Offences and Penalties

Related to this document, two terms are of importance and require definition:

  1. Account Suspension : This means that the participant is not allowed to participate in the system until he decides to be a good participant. This user will lose all bonuses and Navros.
  2. Account Termination : This means that the account is banned and should never use NNN forever and Ever. This user will lose access.


Now the Offences and their Punishments.


We do not know how you do it, but the machine learning AI knows. As most people will register themselves under themselves in order to get referral bonuses so the AI will delete those bonuses on time exactly when they are about to withdraw it. You cannot refer yourself… penalty: Account Suspension.

2. Failed to pay when Matched to donate: penalty: Account Suspension.

3. Using one account number in two account: penalty: Account Suspension.

4. Uploading fake proof of payment (POP): penalty: Account Termination.

5. Use bots or spiders to access Office: penalty: Account Termination.

6. Using your relation’s account or your friends’ account number: penalty: Account Termination.

7. Joining as an Infant(you are not 18yrs and above): penalty: Account Suspension. (till you grow)

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