The New NNN dashboard: Coming soon with Bitcoins


Hello all, we know that you are very excited about this new dashboard which is coming in January. Its really nice and all the features of the system are currently undergoing tests to make the system is run smoothly when we switch to the new dashboard.


Here are some highlights of the features you expect to see there

  • Bitcoin: There you have it. You’ve waited for it and now it will be available in January. You will be able to donate and get help in bitcoin from January.
  • Analytics dashboard: You will have an analytics dashboard which plots graph of your Navro growth, Bitcoins, Navro wallet etc.
  • Case Files: You can file cases and issues arising here. It also allows uploading of multiple images.
  • Improved AI: The AI of the system is learning the dynamics of this system and will be better from next year. There will be less “Rejections” on the system, Checking of multiple accounts etc.

Please note that our servers will not be down during the transition period. This means that the system will not be paused for any minute. You will be using the system as usual and the new dashboard will be uploaded. When you refresh your dashboard you will just see it.

Thanks and Long Live NNN!!!



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