Get Up To #100,000 Cash Rewards This Christmas


NNN Xmas Referrers Benefits

NNN is so happy with the performance of  users and wants to reward them with the sum of hundred thousand Naira cash this December.
• Using your referral link, register 100 new users before December 31st 2016.
• You will automatically get 2,000 Naira bonus for every 5 new people you refer.
• Finally, if you can bring up to 100 people. You will get 100,000 Naira cash price.


UPDATE– 20/12/2016

November 2016, NNN announced that Christmas Bonus be given to users thus:
1. 100k for participants that invited 100 persons(Good Participants) at this period
2. Give 2k/5 referrals(Good participants) in this period if the referrals are not up to 100.
3. The date range is from the starting of NNN till 31 December 2016.

Participants will be able to claim the bonus from January 2017.

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