Donation And Get Help Time Rules

Donation time rule: When matched to donate:

1. The system gives you 2 working days(48 hr) to pay.
2. You must accept to pay before 24 hrs when you see the match order (You have 24 hrs to accept). Do not pay without accepting to pay first.
3. You must complete payments and upload POP before 48hrs (unless the receiver increases your time).
4. Make sure the Receiver verifies(confirms) your payment before 48 hrs from the time you upload POP . If after 24 hrs you are not confirmed, talk to the Beneficiary on phone and find out why. If they have not gotten alert try to resolve the issue by visiting the bank. If you find out they are not being honest with the system then you can file a case in your PO after 24 hr.
5. if you have accepted to pay and your time is up, and it is not yet 48hrs from the time of matching, you can still make payment and upload POP before 48hrs(The system deletes matches after 48 hrs unless receiver extends your time). Admin cannot extend your time.

6. If you are matched to donate and your time is elapsed (it means the system should have deleted you) if you can still see the matched donation it means you can still have a chance, quickly accept to pay then call the beneficiary to extend your time, make payment only when the time is extended.

7. if your POP is rejected it means you have not paid, make the payment and call the donor to accept within 48 hrs of your POP upload, if receiver still do not want to confirm you and you believe you have paid, then create a ticket within 24-48hrs of your POP upload.

8. make payments using your NNN name as depositor name.

If the Beneficiary rejects your POP, you will have 24-48 hrs to report the trouble with a ticket or open a case file if not we will assume it is a fake POP.

Get Help Time Rule : When Matched to Get Help.

  1. Make sure the Donor Accepts to pay before 48 hours.
  2. When the donor pay make sure you accept the payment(confirm) within 48hrs from the time he submitted POP.
  3. if you see fake POP, calm down; all POPs are not FAKE; call the donor to find out what is wrong, if the donor accepts he did fake POP and not interested again then create a support ticket or talk to live chat.
  4. if you see POP and you have not gotten alert, talk to the donor, if he claims he has paid, give him 24 hrs, if you still did not see the alert, inform him then reject the POP by clicking on “reject pop” next to the POP,
  5. Do not reject POP immediately you see it because you have not seen alert, reject POP after 24hr that you have done number 4 above and reject POP before 48 hrs.

in summary when you pay or get paid, make sure you are confirmed or upload POP before 48 hrs, if not file a case after 24 hr(after calling your match) of uploading or seeing the POP.

disobeying the rules here will result in account termination as it is a trust related issue(Our core value and the reason why we joined NNN).

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