Why you can never lose what you donate.


In NNN, you donate your spare money and get 35% extra after three weeks. In Business and investments, its possible to lose your money but in NNN there is only but 2 Worst Case Scenarios

Worst Case Scenarios 

You can never lose any money you put in NNN. There are two worst case scenarios which you can count on.

  1. Your money may be delayed: In case the number users are not much; the worst thing that can happen is your money delayed beyond 3 weeks – you are urged to invite more friends to keep the system alive.
  2. You make no profit: If you are involved in fraudulent activities or constantly disobeying the rules, your account will be suspended and your donation will be matched and you will get paid back your money.

Apart from these there is nothing that can make you lose. So rejoice! Long live NNN..

Some persons may want to ask questions like: what if a hacker hack into my account;

Answer: Don’t mind them, they can only see your balance, they cannot withdraw your money, Participants know how and why (NNN has developed a system that will stop them, and hackers already know they can not make it in NNN.)

Tell your Friends and Get 10 percent of their donations

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