Account Termination: How to get your Account Suspended


Nobody can suspend your account. The AI suspends account in one reason only, if you refuse to donate when matched. If you are not interested in participating, its better you do not register,nnn do not come to NNN to play around. Your name will be listed in our blog as one of the non sincere  individuals in the country. Your countrymen will find it difficult to support you both politically and otherwise.

If you are matched to donate you are given two (2) working days to complete the task. If you want to buy more time:

  • kindly click on “I agree to pay”
  • call the person whom you were matched with and beg him/her to extend your time.

If you don’t pay your account will be suspended after two working days automatically. You cannot keep hold till 3 more days after you accept to pay (if you still did not pay the system will suspend you forever and ever :-)) nnn even if you came back with another email or username ;-)).



If you account is suspended indefinitely because you refused to participate, and you want to come back to the system again, you will write your “Letter of Apology”. This Letter you should state why your account was suspended. You can post it on NNN participants Community (Facebook, whatsapp, etc). You will get a screenshot of Participants accepting you back, find a way to deliver this screenshot to NNN support… Finally, if you are accepted, you will pay a fine and you can never get first time bonus again…..

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